Forum for tagtool classic?

Hello all,
i have built a tagtool a couple Years ago.
This means the DiY version with an arduino, some wirimg and electronics, and a windows PC.
Is there still a forum for that, where i could share my Ideas, Hacks(mostly hardware and node-based) etc. ?


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Hello Dirk,

Here’s the best place for all Tagtool-related discussions, no matter which version.

Currently there’s not so much DIY hardware activity anymore because we’ve been focussing on the software side for last couple of years.

But we welcome ideas and discussion on hardware tinkering!

Right now we’re completely set on getting the new Tagtool app ready for release. But in the future we’d like to bring back some of that DIY spirit.

Hello, I Still use the old Tagtool, there are some features that I really like on it, such as the brushes (since I have put split view between monitor and screen I’ve been able to switch between them while drawing) and the fact that you can animate all elements each image in it’s own axis, features that I don’t find in the newer versions, been using for a while the ipad version and the new beta and they are great too, having a lot fun testing the new one!


Hello, i will soon send some schematics and Photos of my Tagtool classic( can we agree on this Name?),
It is a pretty Basic build, but i stumbled over this crazy Circuitbender / Hacker Group: Gambiologia, and they made a nice Color Feedback Thing with RGB LEDs into the front cover of their tagtool Controller.
It is already old, way back in 2009, but still amazes me…
All credits for the RGB LED idea goes to them.
This is their Hardware setup , only the left of the arduino is special, the right is pretty Standard .
Tagtool arduino LED option
i found a Video on how it looks in Action: [video] (, and Video2, but they got the conversion from the tagtool’s Hue fader to the arduino’s Outputs for the red, green and blue LEDs wrong, so the RGB Color does not match the Brush hue. I solved this( a minor issue in the arduino Program), so you can preview the Color you’re about to paint with. I used RGB LEDs, but single separate LED work just as well. I don’t remember the resistor values. Please make sure not to draw more milliAmps than the arduino can provide!

I also changed things in the nodekit (the program in the Windows PC), so you could use the tablet pen’s Buttons for eraser, other brush Styles, etc.

I am not at my own Computer right now, so i cannot provide the actual files, but i 'd love to share my stuff, if there is any interest.


We still use the classic Tagtool at our organisation and will be doing so for a long time. It works well particularly with children who work together on a single setup (one is the illustrator, another is the animator, and the third operates the Tagtool). I’d be interested in your stuff, @shivahoj, thanks.

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Thanks Dirk, I’d appreciate some tips. I’ve been using Tagtool Classic for live sessions at music events for years, and any expansion of functionality would be great - I’m not techy enough to innovate software or hardware but I can share purely artistic effects I’ve come up with…

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