Full screen with Beamer while working

I just got the new Tagtool Pro app for i pad and i want to make live animation on the i pad, while showing the fullscreen on the beamer.

I just see the same screen ( working space) on the beamer,

How do i get the fullsceen on the beamer, while working on the i pad?

Thanks for answers!

Hello Katrin,

When you connect your iPad to a projector you should only see the fullscreen content area in the projection, without the user interface.

Unless you enable “Demo Mode” (in Main Menu > Settings > Advanced > External Display > Demo Mode) - this setting causes the user interface to be shown in the projection too, along with visualizing your touches as blue circles. This is meant to be a way of teaching Tagtool, for example in a workshop.

If Demo Mode is set to off, you should only see the content.

If the problem persists, please let us know which iPad model and iOS version you are using!

Hello, i am new and i have the same problem. The demo set is off but i see the same screen on the banner with the controls. Sorry for my bad english i am french.
How to stop “recopy video”?
I am on Ipad pro Ios 12.01
Thank you for answer. I don’t know if it is better to open a new topic for the same problem


When the “Demo Mode” is off - the external display should not mirror the Interface.
Have you tried to restart the iPad with a hard reset?

To perform a hard reset :

  1. Hold down the home and on/off buttons at the same time.
  2. Continue holding the buttons even after the slider appears on the screen. The screen will eventually go black.
  3. When the Apple logo appears, let go of the buttons and let the iPad start up like normal.

Hey thank you for your answer. I did it. But the same thing. I did the update the ios. No change. I spend all the afternoon to try to fix this. But nothing.
The only thing that works is to run Madmapper and Modul8 with Airserver. But it is not really good. It lose the signal sometime. I really don’t know what to do now.

Do you think it can be a problem of the wire HDMI that is not the Apple one?


Does the external display work when you do not start Tagtool? Does it also stop working when you just see the Desktop?

yes the external display is ok.
so i tried every thing : change the order to open projector and appli
change the video projector
uninstall and reinstall appli
nothing ok.
But i saw something, when i open the Tagtool with the projector open, the tagtool crush and then if i open a new tima Tagtool, it works but i see all the commands on the bannier.
It is very disappointing because i can not use it for a show with just the ipad and projector. I wish i can fix it, because i bought the ipad just for this!!!
Thank you very much to take time to help me.

i FIX IT!!! yeah
In fact, i had to open the tagtool with no videoproj, then plug the proj, then swich on the proj. And then, miracle i see just the animation.
So i am very happy, and i thank you very much for your reactivity.

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