Full screen with Beamer while working


I just got the new Tagtool Pro app for i pad and i want to make live animation on the i pad, while showing the fullscreen on the beamer.

I just see the same screen ( working space) on the beamer,

How do i get the fullsceen on the beamer, while working on the i pad?

Thanks for answers!


Hello Katrin,

When you connect your iPad to a projector you should only see the fullscreen content area in the projection, without the user interface.

Unless you enable “Demo Mode” (in Main Menu > Settings > Advanced > External Display > Demo Mode) - this setting causes the user interface to be shown in the projection too, along with visualizing your touches as blue circles. This is meant to be a way of teaching Tagtool, for example in a workshop.

If Demo Mode is set to off, you should only see the content.

If the problem persists, please let us know which iPad model and iOS version you are using!