Help: tagtool+player+rooter

Hi all, need help!

Im going to perform live at a theatrical play where im going to be drawing the scenario during the acting. The room is underground and network signal is pretty low.
The setup i always try first (before the typical connect ipad to projector) is i connect my macbook with tagplayer to projector and then connect both laptop and ipad via the location wifi or my iphone hotspot, but again internet is low data here and theres a huuuuge delay in the animations…so was thinking maybe with a rooter just to create the network (no internet) and use this for the connection…well didnt work, the ipad cant find the session created on my macbook. Is it how its supose to be? Or is there something im missing? Please help.

I have had lives where the tagtool crash mid concert and my ipad desktop filled the room which was terrible, and had to start over afterwards from scratch. The tagtool player combo gives me much more security, since even if tagtool crash the show isnt affected plus i can recover all the work that was done after reconnecting.

Have you tried to connect via IP Adress directly? There is an option in Join Session - just find out the IP of your server.

You can also try to connect the ipad directly to the MAC via network cable. No Router in between - depends if you can run a cable.


Hey thanks for the reply.

I tried to join session via IP and it also didn’t work…it seems to only find it if the network has internet access for some reason.

How could i connect ipad and macbook directly via network cable…neither of them has a port for it (i imagine the cable is the usual LAN cable right?)

Thanks in advance