Help! Tagtool Screenshots turned from transparent png to jpg

Not sure how it happened exactly but all the tagtool screenshots transparent png’s I have saved on my ipad automatically changed to jpg with a white background! Has anyone had this happen before?
Any known way to revert them back to their original state?

I haven’t found anything else while searching for what could have caused this and I thought maybe someone here might have come across something similar.
Any advice would be much appreciated!

Note: I’ve already tried shutting down my ipad and restarting. Also doesn’t seem to be an issue with tagtool as I can still save out new transparent png’s just fine.


I noticed that with PNG via the cloud. Multiple iPads with same account - first iPad saves PNG into cameraroll - image get´s synched but only with white BG on other devices.

Hey Thanks @iink
icloud seems to be the culprit, I don’t have multiple ipads with same account, but I noticed I did have icloud sharing on my ipad. In the icloud settings on my device it mentions it automatically replaces larger files with smaller ones, ie jpg. Which is what must have happened. Just wanted to explain the fix should that happen to anyone else. You can download the original files through icloud.

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I can only get transparent PNGs to work by uploading the transparent pngs to my Dropbox account, then I download them from my Dropbox and save to “Photos”, then I bring them into Tagtool. This seems to keep them transparent, I do not know why, but it has worked for me in the past.

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