How connect two iPads?

How can I connect two iPads over IP?


One iPad needs to create a Multiplayer Session and the other iPad joins this Session.
Then you need to find out the IP adress of your Server iPad. Look at your iPads iOS Preferences/WiFi or Network Adapter. The Client opens Network Menu and Joins the Session.

When both devices are in the same network via WiFi or cable the Session should pop up automatically in the list. When there is a firewall or a restricted public network, you can choose “Enter IP Adress” in “Local Area Network” Menu and try to connect directly to this adress.

When using the network for the first time, you have to allow the Tagtool App to use the network in iPadOS. You can verify this in the iPad Preferences when you look up the Tagtool App. There you will see if your app is allowed to use the Camera, Photo Roll and network.