How to connect with the projector and madmapper

Hello, I’m a new user of TagTool Pro. I want to know how to connect with the beam projector and how to connect with the Mad Mapper


Some options:

  • use the Tagtool Player and connect Madmapper via Syphon/Spout.

  • use a capture device to get the iPad video directly into madmapper

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iink - I would like to clarify, because my brain just needs all the steps clearly laid out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - a) run MadMapper AND Tagtool Player on my one laptop, b) connect iPad running Tagtool to Tagtool Player via wifi (hard-wire/cable is not possible, is that correct?), c) connect Tagtool Player to MadMapper via Syphon/Spout function in MadMapper.

Is that the correct procedure? Thank you!!!

@OffLeashArea yes. thats the road.

if you can run an ethernet cable - you can also hardwire an ipad. You need the ipad connectors (USB to Ethernet) - also no switch involved if you only connect 1 iPad. You can plug it directly into the laptop.