How to delete "my Deck" or drawings from that deck?

Hello, the subject says it all.
i have some animated drawings from Version 0.19.2 in “my deck”, that i cannot delete, nor use .
i can create and delete other decks, but cannot delete “my deck”.
A Picture in the same deck, taken by the camera, can be imported into the drawing…

Hi there,

The Beta-test version 0.19.2 is not compatible with the App Store Version. If you want to delete the deck items in “My Deck” you need to delete the app completely and re-install. There is no way to save your content unfortunately from the Beta.


Ok, i deleted the new tagtool, and went to TestFlight to redownload it. But i cannot download it.
It says:

the new tagtool Version 1.0.0 (1)
Expires in 71days

Couldn’t load app
This build is no longer available.
Try again

now I am stuck without tagtool…

Sorry, the beta test phase ended when Tagtool was released. Now the only way to get it is from the app store!