Ideas and wishlist - one big wish! Layer masks!

Hi, there’s so much to love about the latest version!

In terms of new ideas there are lots of things that would be great to have, like recording the rewind, a floating colour palette tab, drawing vector shapes and a feathered eraser…but I have one BIG wish that would make Tagtool phenomenal.

If we could have masks that can applied to individual layers or groups of layers, photoshop style, then we could simulate projection mapping. While it’s possible now to mask some non-overlapping layers with a black mask it’s not possible afaik to mask everything. I dream of turning up to a gig, creating a mask shape for each polygon and attaching it to a layer/layer group, and then editing each layer live with some tagtool goodness :slight_smile: Not 100% necessary, but also useful, would be a skew function for each group of layers to accomodate angled surfaces.

Hopefully this idea resonates…

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Oh man this would really be amazing. The ability to live draw in a projection mapping environment all within tagtool would really change the game and expand the scope for a lot of people. As it stands, I do simple projection maps using the app!

Hi @Mickos

Your suggestion makes total sense. This feature request has come up a lot recently. Stay tuned!

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That’s great to hear!:grinning: Also thought that masks will also be great for quickly converting a pic of a figure to a bunch of body parts for quick animating!

I also have a wish, I would love if Tagtool could connect to Cromecast

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