If no one has any objections - i will start a tutorial show!

Starting next Saturday, I will start a weekly Tagtool show and embed the link in this thread. It will be live at 1900 GMT. I will use a chat window so that folks can ask specific questions about features. Also, it may be the first time some of you have tried out a new feature and I’m excited to share that moment with you!

If I can’t do it one week, someone else can take over for a week.



Oh - can anyone recommend a favorite app that’ll let you chat and share screen and embed in a forum like this one?

I’m using airserver to send the image from my ipad mini 2 running 10.2.1 AND iphone 6 running 10.2.1 (as an IOS musician, I’ve learned over the years to space out my OS updates until my favorite programs are “in the clear”) to my 2010 macbook pro running EL Capitan and then, i’m sending those streams to siphon client individually and then I piece it all together in OBS which will let me stream it to YOUTUBE as a live stream.

But can I embed the stream here? Could I be given the RIGHT?

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greatest, i will definitely join! probably not this saturday cause of work.

embedding a youtube live stream here in the forum should be possible.

looking forward to see your fantastic face animations live in action!

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That´s totally cool! I also wanna join as soon as i am back in Vienna next week. I tried streaming years ago and i think you were my only viewer.

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WOW! I’m embarassed by my lack of abilities in the streaming department!
Not ONLY could I not figure out how to get my airserver to show my screen and phone to ANY stream (YOUTUBE, TWITCH and FACEBOOK LIVE), i couldn’t even DREAM of figuring out how to embed it here! I’m gonna have to revisit this.

If you are a wiz at this, I’d love some hints!

Thanks for your patience, all.



Back in the days i used the Elgato Capturing Device - and streamed via Youtube. The result wasn´t very good. Only low resolution.

Soon we will have a Tagtool Player for MacOSX that supports Syphon - that will make it easier for streaming.

I keep you posted.

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So it’s not “live” yet, but what features would you like clarification or ideation around?

If you’d like to submit a vid on the YouTube channel so it’s all in one place, I’ll send the login info…