Import pics coming up blank / purple square?

I am trying to import pics from my library (they are all transparent png files). Some of them show up completely fine, while others don’t load at all and just import as a purple square…


I’ve been having that problem too. Jpegs that should load in fine come in as purple squares. But, these were jpegs I imported into the iPad. I think in my case… the resolution was too high?

I resized them lower and they imported in fine. High res used to import in too though. Also, the images that wouldn’t import into tagtool were native jpegs from the camera. So, I don’t know for sure if what fixed them was the act of re-saving them itself? Or, the resizing.

But yeah, I’ve noticing the same thing.

Try re-saving the graphic you’re trying to import on the ipad if it wasn’t created on the iPad. If that doesn’t work, try reducing the resolution. If the graphic is 5000px, try resizing it down to 2000px and see if it will import into tagtool after that.

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