Ios 11.2.1

Update the new version of iOS.

I have problems when connected to the projector.He tried to open the application but if he closes.

Hi Vector,

We already reported the problem with the IOS and the external display to Apple. Until then the best way is to use our Player App. Hopefully this issue gets fixed soon.


I did not understand the magnitude of the disaster.
I use tagtool on stage as a puppeteer, without a computer and directly connected to a videoprojector and the tagtool animation has 50 percent importance.
I have an important show at the end of January and it is a disaster!!!
how to get back to an older version of ios
I am very lost and depressed…

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Is a disaster for me too…

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Hello @Pascale and @Fedebut

Have you tried using the Player App for your performances? In our experience it even has some advantages over connecting the iPad directly to the projector. For example better performance, more stability and the iPad is free of cables. Of course you need to bring a Wifi router and laptop…

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I did not have wifi or the ability to put a computer on stage. Unfortunately, I had to change a lot of things.
But now for another event I have to use tagtool. I will work with a dance school for their annual show. I have a nomade wifi router. If I need help I will asl you. Thank you for your request for news. Pascale

I downloaded tagtool player. I used the connection between my mac book pro and ipad via wifi and it is fine. But my mac really heats up too much. And it makes a lot of noise with the blower. I connected my mac pro book to a video projector via thunderbolt and hdmi and it goes very well.
But I had 2 bugs before succeeding. I did not dare to seriously work on the application with several layers. I have too much fear of tiring my computer…


I tried the upcoming iOS 11.3 Beta and the situation with the external display will get better. It´s possible to connect the external display again!

As far as i can see only reconnection is not working. So you need to restart the app, when you disconnect your display, then it´s working again.

A light at the end of the tunnel!

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We are February 22 and apple has not yet given the update.
There is only the beta version IOS 11.3