iOS 14 - Issue with USB-C Models & external display

Hello all,

The new iOS 14 was released yesterday and we have seen issues with the new USB-C models and the external display connection. The external display works for a couple of minutes, but after some time the iPad freezes and the app crashes.

We are investigating this problem.



Thank you. :+1:t6:

Hey - Any word on a fix for this? Having this exact issue unfortunately. Thanks

is there anything one can do to prevent the crashing for the USB-C models?
Do the old models have the same issue?



Unfortunately it´s the iOS 14 that causes the problem. A backup from a previous version 13.x would be the only way to work around that issue.

Is this problem solved meanwhile? Or is there some alternative way to get the picture out of the iPad?

Hello Mat

Has the issue with iOS14 been resolved? I had my 2nd gen iPad Pro replaced with the new 4th gen 12.9" iPad Pro with iOS 14.4, and now am experiencing a similar issue: the app freezes, then the projected image freezes and blinks rapidly. There’s no way out of the issue without unplugging the dongle (I’m using a VGA cable & dongle), or even shutting down the iPad entirely and rebooting the TT app.

I am beginning to get paying gigs using TT and now I’m super nervous!

I do have a smaller iPad 7th gen with iOS 14.1 that DOES work (using the same setup with a VGA dongle).

Any new news would be appreciated!
Thank you so much!!


The latest news is: We have reported the problem and the ticket got accepted.
Unfortunately there is very little we can do to speed up the process of fixing the issue.

So far i can see only 2 options for a stable performance:
Having an older iOS on your iPad Pro or using the Tagtool Player on a laptop and host a multiplayer session. If you need the link - just drop me a message.

Sorry about the hassle! We keep you posted as soon as there is news.


Hi, could you send me the link to Tagtool Player downloading? We need it to solve the issue.


I’ll definitely try the Tagtool Player on a laptop. Thank you!!

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that when I use a VGA cable from iPad to projector I have the freezing app / blinking image issue, but when I use HDMi I don’t have that problem…! I’ll keep trying to confirm, and will report later…

UPDATED 3/27/21

I tried several times to work this issue, and I think there’s a set up that is working for me.

Using an iPad Pro 4th gen with iOS 14.4.1, I used an HDMI cable to an EPSON EX7240 projector and the app did not freeze, and the TT images/animation did not freeze or blink. However, when I set it up to a SONY VPL-PHZ10, it didn’t connect with the projector at all. I used the EPSON set up for over an hour without a problem. However, each time I tried with a VGA cable, within a couple of minutes those issues did occur.

When using an iPad 8th gen 32g, and iOS 14.3, TT worked on both projectors, and with VGA and HDMI.

(All my iPads are wifi only)

I know that “the industry” is moving away from VGA, so maybe this is part of that change?

Anyhow, seemed to work tonight!

Hello - I just played about 60+ minutes of TT without the external display issue - iPad Pro 12.9 2020 4th gen iOS 14.4.1 via VGA cable & dongle on a SONY VPL-PHZ10. Has that issue been resolved.….?!


Not yet. I haven´t tested VGA myself, but the problem appears much quicker the more layers and bigger canvas size you are outputting. When i attach a HDMi source and set the canvas size to FullHD and paint one layer the session also runs much longer compared to a heavy loaded scene with lots of animations.

We got contacted by a developer from Unity (the game engine that runs Tagtool) and they start to look into the problem. We are getting closer and closer. Hope this drama ends soon.


So strange. I was running maybe 30 layers. You would think if the same problem keeps occurring with each iOS that it would be an easier fix, but I’m sure you’ve thought about this in every way possible!

As always, thanks for the response!

Using Tagtool Player as an end run around the external display issue is working well for me - thank you!


If anyone want to help track down the external display issue - please contact me here on the forum via PM or write me an email for further infos.

We are exspecially looking for iPad Pro´s 3rd Generation - connected to an external display via HDMi dongle. But any other devices are also very welcome.

Thank for your help!

If I can help, count me in!

I have 3 iPads: 4th gen 12.9" running iOS 14.4.1, 6th gen 9.7" running iOS 14.3, and 7th gen 10.2" running iOS 14.3. All 3 iPads have automatic updates turned off.


Hi everyone!
i´ve been a bit far away from tagtool last months but im coming bcack. :slight_smile:
i wanted to know if there´s been any new about this external display crash with ios 14 and usb-c?
Thank you


Good news - the problem is fixed and we are already working on it.
We try to push the update as soon as possible.



How fantastic is that?!

I’m so glad!!

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