Ipad pro 12.9"

Hello my question is the following … an iPad pro of 12.9 “is compatible with tagtool pro, the interface will take those 12.9” … I ask him why he had an iPad pro of 11 "but the interface did not occupy those 11 “if not it stayed as if it were in my previous iPad Air 2 as if it only took 9.7” I do not know if it was because I was previously using the iPadAir2 … it comes in a few days iPad pro 12.9 and I’m worried that Something similar happens, that the Tagtool interface does not occupy all my screen, it would be a shame and a great loss of pixels, since I bought this iPad among other things to be able to use Tagtool at a larger size to be able to draw … thanks
Sincerely, Miguel Angel


We use the 12.9" models a lot and haven´t experienced any of your concerns.

Interesting information about the 11" iPad Pro. Haven´t tested the latest iPad Pro Series yet - we will try to investigate this issue.


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