iPad Pro 2018 freezes after connecting to 2nd display

Hi everybody,

Since I can’t use my Lightning HDMI adapter on the iPad 2018, I ordered some cheap USB-C/HDMI adapter – but it always kept freezing when connected to an external display. When I unplug the display, it goes back to normal.

Now I’ve bought the original Apple USB-C/AV adapter, but the results are the same. It works for a few seconds every now and then, but the screen stays frozen most of the time.

I have tried connecting to a PC monitor, a TV, and a projector (with a 4K/60Hz cable and an older one). I’ve also set the output resolution to the lowest, still no changes. (And apparently, there’s no anti-aliasing settings anymore…?)

Whether I start Tagtool first or connect to the display first, makes no difference.

Do I need a specific type of cable? Other than that, I have no idea what to do. :grimacing:

I attempted a workaround by installing the Windows Tagtool Player (1.0.1 Beta was the latest version I could find), and host/project the session from a PC, but I just got an error message about the server having the wrong version.

Thanks for the report! I will try to reproduce this issue.

In the meantime - anybody else on the forum having this problem?