Ipad pro-airserveur-macbook pro

Continuing the discussion from iOS 11.0.2 - External display issue on all iPad models:

It doesn’t work anymore. My ipad has the version 11.2.1 and my macbook pro 10.12.6 Sierra and it is impossible to connect the both.
Do you know why?
Thanks a lot

You speak about blackmagic. Which blackmagic ? and can you explain how? if I buy this device is it enough to put it between the ipad and the macbook pro?
And do you know the magewell brand? (usb-hdmi capture family)
Happy new year


Yes with the recent update the external display keeps crashing the app. We already reported the bug to Apple. Unfortunately we need to wait till they fix the problem.

Video capturing devices like Blackmagic are also affected with this bug as you cannot use your lightning AV adapter.

Until then we recommend using our Tagtool Player.


Yes thank you but after… I downloaded OBS but after I don’t know how to do.
My ipad is connected to my computer. I can record the sound but Idon’t know how to do for the picture?
Thank you to help me

So the Tagtool Server is running on my Laptop and my iPad is connected to the Tagtool session. I launched the Tagtool Server in a window mode with 1024 x 768 resolution. When you ALT-Click the Tagtool Server MacOSX gives you some options before the app launches.

I am not very familiar with OBS - just downloaded it as well. So i simply select the window where the The New Tagtool is running and i can start the recording. My laptop is not very good so even with 1024 x 768 resolution i barely it the 30 FPS mark.

Within the settings of OBS Studio you can tweak the output resolution as well and as far as i can tell the main purpose of this software is optimised for video streaming. To get a decent quality you need good hardware as well.

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