Keeps crashing after connected to a projector

Hi, I am desperate. I bought bright new iPad 2017, iOS 11.4.1, TagTool pro, projector. I have a gig this friday, but TagTool keeps crashing while I connect the projector. I have been trying suggested method - open TagTool and only after that connect the projector, but still keeps crushing. Will have to cancel the gig :frowning:
Any idea?
iOS 11.4.1


I cannot reproduce the crash.

I also updated an iPad Pro to iOS 11.4.1 and it´s working when i follow that order: Open Tagtool first - then connect the display.

Have you already rebooted - or even reset your iPad to factory settings (-> Backup first)?

I reinstalled Tagtool and rebooted iPad, but did not try reseting to factory settings, will do it tonight and let you know, thanks!

OK, so I have made the factory reset, I connected the projector and it worked. But only for the first time. Then any other atempt to connect it failed. So I tried rebooting, turning projector on and off, everything. Tried several times (first I turn on Tagtool and then I connect the iPad to the projector). I crashes all the time. I dont understand, why it worked once and then it started crashing again.
I am not trying it with external display, I dont have any. Only trying to connect it with projector with lightning/hdmi reduction.

Update: I have tried different projector (very old one, only vga) and it works just fine!!! So the problem is somehow related to the projector maybe? Do you have any idea, what part of the projector, which settings for expample could cause crashing Tagtool? It is Optoma hdmi shortthrow projector, quite new.

Another update - it works when I turn on antialiasing option in Graphics - Ecxternal display settings and then connect the projector.


I also tested our iPad with all the different combinations - VGA, HDMi and Airplay and it´s always working. Also tried all settings in the app menu (AntiAliasing, different display resolutions, Demo Mode).

The app crashes when i disconnect the display and afterwards i cannot re-connect until i restart the app completely. These are the issues we know.

AntiAliasing does not make any difference on my device - not sure why it´s causing you problems.

Does it run stable now?

Yes when I keep this method: turn on Tagtool, turn on antialiasing and then connect the projector, it runs ok and it is perfect. If I disconnect the projector I also can not re-connect it, as you say, but will be careful and wont do it during the show.
Also when connected to a projector and want to add some image, the import window opens on the projected image, not in the tablet and can not be removed. So the whole session has to be canceled and the whole sytem restarted again. So I know I cant import images during the show. I think someone has already discussed that issue here.

I am glad you do not need to cancel your show!

Yes, these are the issues we know with the external display attached. Creating a new deck is also not working correctly - as you do not see a keyboard showing up when the display is attached. No restart needed - it´s just called “New Deck” and you do not need to restart.

Good luck for friday!


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Sounds like it makes sense to update my ipad pro to ios 11 now? Just stay away from importing pics or disconnecting projector during a show…Or is it safer to stay with ios 10 for now?


The update to iOS 11 just adds some minor improvements and Emoji animations - none of them are relevant for using Tagtool. If you don´t really need the iOS 11 for other software apps - better wait for iOS 12 in September.

Thanks @iink I might try it anyway so that I can use some other apps that are ios11 only. Assuming that if there are glitches with current tagtool and ios11 they will be sorted with the September release; looking forward to seeing what’s new!!!

@iink - when you mentioned “wait for ios12 in September “, does that mean the importing photos issue will be resolved with the ios12 update? If so, do you know the projected date in September?


Yes, this issue with importing photos while connected to an external display will be fixed within our next update. When exactly in September we don´t know yet. Keep you posted.

hi all,
This is Luca, first of all I’m totally in love with the app.

I’m facing the same problem when i connect the iPad via HDMI.
Since I’m using tag tools with a Vj software (VDMX) I’ve installed airserver to play tagtool as syphon input into any vj software

So if I start tagtool and then duplicate the screen it crash, instead if first I duplicate the screen (from iPad) and then launch tagtool it doesn’t crash…

I also will have a show next friday, And I’d prefer to have ready the set up on tagtools before the perfomance but it sounds I can’t do it since as soon I’m duplicate It’s going to crash! :expressionless:


This issues with the external display will be fixed in the upcoming new version. We are really close with launching the new beta-version.