Little jumps in animation

Hello! How are you?
These days I’ started noticing that the animation is not smooth when you are projecting and you are in the drawing or animation screen, if I go to full screen view then the animation is nice and smooth, but when I return to painting screen it again starts to have these little jumps in the projection, it is more evident with the horizontal movement animation and the shapes also looks like loosing resolution.

This happens using a single simple layer and also with more layers.

I am using an iPad Pro second generation, IOS 13.5.1 and Lightning to Hdmi adapter.

Is my iPad getting old? :pleading_face: Have you experienced this?

Saludos! :v:

Throughout this winter I did a very TT heavy project with the iPad Pro 2nd gen using iOS 13 and 14, but had no issues. However, i used a Lightening to VGA adapter.


Sorry for the late reply.

No - your iPad is not old! We can reproduce the problem. It’s related to some other problems with external displays which are unfortunately very tricky to resolve. We’re on it and will publish an updated as soon as we can!



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