New Tagtool app ! Update News

Hi everyone, happy with the new forum.
Lets talk about the upcoming new version of the app…

news, ideas, Etc.

Hello Federico!

Welcome here on!

The basic facts of the new version can be found in this post at

One additional feature I can already confirm is animated GIF export :slight_smile:

There will be news soon here in the forum, and also info on how to participate as a beta tester.

We’re all very eager to get the new version out - stay tuned!


I’m a big fan of the functionality of Tagtool Play. Especially, the SCRATCH tool. I use it TONS for making my doodle puppets seem more life-like!

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@toddfadel Confirmed that scratching is part of the new version too! Plus some other features that benefit “puppeteering” style animation.


Tagtool Play does NOT let you record layer movement (ie. Moving a layer in front or behind another). Will that feature be included in the update?

Hey @toddfadel ,

Yes it will be possible to record the layer depth movement!

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