New Tagtool Logo?

We’ve been thinking of doing a new Tagtool logo — something a bit more organic. Here’s a first draft. Any feedback?


Love it! It seems like it was made on Tagtool! : )

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Seems like a perfect opportunity for our first poll :slight_smile:

  • I like the current logo – don’t change it!
  • The new design is perfect
  • I like the new design but it needs a bit more work (please reply below and tell us what you’d like to change)
  • I’m not a big fan of either the current or the new logo (please reply below and let us know what you’d like to change)

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I like that typography is playful and has a handmade look & feel. I think it’s a fresh new aproach of the logo but still needs to be improved. Think something that reprents the new Tagtool version, a new world of possibilities. Maybe try different font designs also handmade and bolder and think of a simple animated version for the logo. :smile:


Hey Rimiyoho!

Thanks so much for your feedback! Since you are an extremely talented designer, do you have any examples of what you think could work? Any inspiration welcome!

Don’t change it! I’m too old for changes…

@schneggi I’m pretty sure that’s not true! But your vote is registered :slight_smile:

I love the new logo! It’s more playful and handmade, which is very much in line with what Tagtool is. ALthough I voted it’s perfect, something about the letter “a” bothers me a little.

Old logo is OK. I see where you’re going with the new one with the googly eyes. Early days. Not crazy about the disjointed font. Thoughts, you probably want a logo that also works as an animation, right? Also, maybe it needs to draw on the “tagging” or tagger heritage. The painting with light element and projector could be something that you play with.

Thanks for the input @mverzola and @mkochsch!

Here’s a few requirements we need to consider:

  • we need a variant that works as an app icon / square profile pic (no text)
  • needs to work as a website header logo (rectangular shape spelling out Tagtool)
  • needs to work on black background (in our medium a blank slate is black/darkness), but also inverted for printing on paper etc. This is a challenge for the eye shape because a white pupil in a black eye can look strange
  • needs to be bold enough to work even when it’s quite small
  • We also should have a coloured version (but starting with getting the shape right makes sense)

The old logo ticks all of these boxes reasonably well, so there’s no hurry to change. But I believe it’s good to keep trying finding something that captures the organic and community-focused spirit of our art better, and - like @Rimiyoho said - gives an impression of a “new world of possibilities”.

In the end Tagtool is about projecting the world of the inner eye out in the open so it can be shared. Our fingers are the interface. This is where the three lines come from - fingers, light rays, colourful tears are some things that resonate.

In any case, thanks for being part of this conversation! We will keep posting our progress.


As a designer, I give you my opinion.
I see it very childish for an application so powerful, creative and with so many possibilities.
I think it should be: more professional, more surprising, but more intriguing.
It would make a dynamic logo, change and move. I sent an example where the eyes could be moved at the “o”
The eyelashes upwards give me something more positive and amazing.

Thanks for your input @Fedebut !

I agree the sketch I posted went a bit too much in the playful direction, especially because the new app is relatively advanced. Will try to strike the balance between playful and powerful :slight_smile:



after some more iterations, here’s the current status of the logo design. As always, any feedback welcome!


This is the latest design - making the “hand eye connection” thing a bit clearer!


Nice! I think it’s a very straightforward symbol which also feels as a primitive painting on the caves emphasizing the idea that the hands are a very powerful and essential tool.
Loved it!