New Tagtool performance in iPad Air ios 11

Hi there,I wanted to mention what my experience is so far using the new tagtool in a ipad air1 under ios11.I started using the app without connecting it to an external display or airplay as I usually do for recording the output.I was really impressed with the performance,so many layers with no lag at all.I noticed a minimal lag/stuttering when I imported a 4K photo in the background without movement and only one layer moving.I thought ok maybe is the hardware.Next I decided to connect it to my 1920x1980 res tv to better see my drawing.Suddenly tagtool failed in the moment I connected my iPad to apple lightning to hdmi cable and iPad reset/restart symbol appeared.I tried everything but nothing.New Tagtool works for me only in iPad without connected to an external display,otherwise crashes.
Next in air play there is a lag I never had before and only if I disable antialiasing and resolution on tablet I have the performance I had before but 85% not 100%
That’s it, I will appreciate any help

Hi there,

We also noticed this issue with iOS11 and older models when an external display is connected. Good news this will be fixed with the next 11.1 patch from Apple. We have the beta version of the new iOS running and the external display works fine again.

Just a little patience until the update goes live.


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