New Tagtool - Problem importing photos on ipad pro

hey crew,

lee from Projector Bike in melbourne here.

Love the new tagtool…have a few issues / questions:

When importing photos on ipad pro and connected to an external display, the photo panel appears on the external display but is not accessible. So I cannot import any photos to use in tagtool

Can you still export GIF’s?

Thanks crew! Love your work.

Lee x


Thank you for reporting this bug with importing photos and external display. This will be fixed in the next update.

We’re working on native video recording right now. Results are promising so far.

Shout outs to Melbourne,


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This issue will be fixed with the next Tagtool update - we are nearly ready to send out the latest Beta.
Will keep you posted.



Looking forward to the new beta Mat ! Any hints as to what cool possibilities might be in it ?