New to tagtool...few questions and one sugestion

Hi all, i am a freelance illustrator, been ilustrating live during concerts of a well known portuguese singer ( where i illustrate each song using my macbook, wacom tablet, adobe illustrator and a projector/LED screen ) and when i found tagtool ( i came across with the amazing work of fernando sica on youtube ) it was love at first sight and i knew i had to start exploring this new app and it would be my next step professionally since i am truly focused live drawing as my main occupation ( one can dream ). Now few questions!
1: is it possible to connect 2 projectors to 1 ipad/tagtool session so that both projectors are displayed not mirrored but extended? ( dont want the same draw in both projections, instead i want my draw to flow from 1 screen to the other, like if i had 2 monitors next to each other )…if so…what would i need to make this happen!
2: last concert i tried the tagtool for the first time, and i ran into some issues, mainly because it was a gigantic LED screen with a weird format ( wide but much wider than a 16:9 ) and i could not redimention the work place in tagtool, meaning that i only had 2 options, 1 was to draw a circle that would appear as a oval on the screen, not viable obviously, the other was to mentally visualize in the ipad the area that was being projected ( that was much smaller than the square i had on tagtool and i draw with my back turned to teh screen so it was hard to keep checking if what i was drawing was visible to the public or was it being drawn outside of the visible area ) is it possible to adapt the square that represent the outgoing visible area in order to fit the screen that i am connected to?

Now a personal suggestion that i believe that could improve greatly this already amazing tool, like i said i used to work with adobe illustrator and the reason i chose illustrator over photoshop was the fact that i could in Ai draw a filled form without having to manually paint its inside, as i have only 3 or 4 mins max to create my illustration live, speed is very very important, and this little feature could improve the time consumed creating tagtool artworks if we could for example draw a circle and it appeared already filled with the selected color instead of having to paint it manually ( this would also improve the transparency issues when you use it on something that you painted with a lot of strokes, instead of it being a simple shape filled with color ). As i said, the work i do is more about being able to create something in a few minutes that illustrates the song, and not so much creating a massive artwork for 1 or 2 hours…even so, this feature would allow these creators to have more time to spend on other details so its a win win in both cases.

that is all…can’t wait to post some of my work and have your feedback on these points i mentioned

Sorry for my crappy english…did my best!

cheers and THANK YOU for this amazing tool!

Yep, it is possible to use two or more projectors, using projection mapping software like Madmapper, Resolume or VPMT (there’s many options here). Have to feed it all through a laptop though - we used Blackmagic Shuttle but it’s limited to 720p - there are other wireless options like Airserver and Tagtool Player Beta which could be good. We did this at our first gig with two projectors (pic attached), and even though the normal 16x9 ipad frame is extended onto a long screen the software manages to make it look regular (circles look like circles). Tagtool also resizes your working area to fit the projector/software dimensions so it should be possible to adjust them in software. If you’re getting distorted circles it may be due to the projector setup?
Love your idea of a fill bucket for Tagtool! Though TT’s simplicity is what makes it so much fun - making polygons using a circle and four large eraser swipes works best for me, but I like the idea of a comples oitline being infilled quickly too.


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