Official Unity3d Display Bug with USB-C

Hello all,

The issue with the external display got officially accepted by Unity - now we can upvote the issue, so it draws more attention and gets fixed faster. Any vote can help to speed up the process!!

Hope this gets fixed soon. Thank you for your support.



Hey Tagtoolers,

Please even consider to create a Unity account (it’s free and easy) to vote for our external display issue. This bug has been around way too long in town :cowboy_hat_face:Thank you!

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Done! :white_check_mark:


Can someone link me to working windows tagtool player. Ty… for future reference it should say in the apple store or on the front page of the sales site that this is deeply in beta still, as warning for high caliber production environments. Myself being an enthusiast and a event professional. I can appreciate the app either way. but don’t make it sound like the next sliced bread if I gotta forum surf for answers just to get it to work out the box. I’d happily be an early adopter/supporter if its only a couple years old and a small team. but be straight up please!

I have a 3RD generation iPad and willing to help fix this USB-C problem.

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Yeah, we are getting attention :star_struck: Good job Tagtoolers and muchas gracias :bowing_man: :bowing_woman:

@DAVIDDIVINE thx a mill, however this problem is with Unity3D, the engine Tagtool is running on. We are technically not able to solve it, but we finally figured out a bug report that Unity accepted to solve at some point, hopefully soon - that’s why we are calling out to vote for this bug at the Unity issue tracker. Big up for the offer anyway :+1:


Got my vote and I don’t even use TagTool :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like the voting worked through, as it’s planned for 2021.1.X


Yeah @glenneroo that’s the spirit!!

Yes, it’s looking good, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


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