Open Multiplayer Sessions - Limit

Using the New Tagtool I attempted to create an open multiplayer session for six iPads, five worked fine but the 6th had an “error 4” and was not allowed to join until I had a player leave the session. I’m using a hodgepodge of iPads, three iPad4 running 10.3.3, two iPad Airs running 11.3 and an iPad mini running 11.3. I tested this with an older Apple TV and a newer Apple TV with the same results. Is five iPads the limit for open sessions?


We never had so many iPads in a session recently. How is the Apple TV involved? You have 1 iPad connected via Airplay to an Apple TV as server and the rest joins the session. Then the error appears when you try to join the session as a PopUp Message?

I don´t have so many devices right now to test - will try to investigate as soon as possible.

My system is an Airport Extreme router, with an Apple TV connected by ethernet and the Apple TV connected to the projector by HDMI. I have one wireless iPad mirrored to the AppleTV and that one starts the session, I can add four iPads to the session just fine, making for five iPads Tagtooling, when I go to add the sixth iPad to the session it will show the session is there and available but where normally it would say that the iPad joined the session (top center of iPad screen) it pops up “error 4” and I think that is in green.

In order to join several iPads into one session, does Tagtool have to be all Tagtool Pro on each iPad? I purchased one Tagtool pro and the other iPad has Tagtool basic. I can’t have Tagtool basick to join in new session from Tagtool Pro.

I tried it and it worked for me, but it did take about 30 seconds for the iPad basic to join the session. I have the iPads set up wireless on the same Network, with an iPad Air system 11.3.3 in Tagtool Pro starting the session and an iPad 4 with system 10.3.3 in Tagtool Basic mode joining the session and it found the session and is drawing fine, but as I said previous, it was not immediate, it did take a couple seconds for the iPad 4 in basic to receive the session info.

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WHere I can find the multiplayer app?

Here is the link to the current Tagtool Player - Files - OMAi Share