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Does any one know or have suggestions on what lanyard/board combination that is used for the TagTool promotion. I was going to just make a board with hooks for a neck strap, but wondering if there is a good brand out there already. Thanks

Hi Bluegrauel, sounds like you have mixed up some names: This forum is for Tagtool, an iPad app for live drawing and animation. I am afraid we cannot help with your issue :sweat_smile:

Hey @Gnu I understand this is a TagTool forum, I was just hoping since many folks who read this use TagTool to make art projections, I thought maybe there could be some advice or sharing on how they set things up to use TagTool. Thanks for the response. I’ll keep future questions more directly on the application’s use.

Ha, I completely didn’t get your initial question, sorry - of course here ist the place to talk about guerilla projection art fun! We have built the boards ourselves, very basic. It was cool, but in the end this solution has been too unstable for us for proper drawing. In the field we are working with mic stands and iPad mounts, that’s easy to carry and has a really good stand.

Wonderful! Sorry about the confusion. Does anyone have a favorite brand of stands and iPad mounts. How do you typically set up the projector? A cart? On a table? I want to be sure it is above the heads of the folks in the crowd who will be contributing.
Thanks for letting me ask all the noob questions. I have know about TagTool from @benjaminrabe for years, but have been doing simple solo live art “paintings” with Procreate. I have a chance to step up my game and get better crowd participation so wanted to do things right, and leverage the experience of this great community.
I have a few usability questions I will post under other topics. :slight_smile:

For the iPad mount we have good experience with K&M:

It can be mounted on any mic stand (take care to have the right thread for your mount) whereas a lighter stand is more mobile and a heavier stand is more stable - so it depends on your requirements.

For the projector we also use a tripod, with a 3way-head, a plate to mount the projector and something like velcro strips to fix the projector to the plate. The tripod and plate needs to be chosen according to the weight and size of your projector. With the 3way head you have all the options to adjust your projection to the projection area. We use quite heavy projectors, so we use solid heads like this:

The plate can be something like this, or you just build it yourself with a wood plate:

With a portable projector, this setup can be easily carried by one person and offers a stable and flexible use. A decent tripod with a telescopic rod takes your projector to a hight of 2m+.

Hope that helps, best greetings tom Benjamin!!

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