Playing live, distance

what is the best way to do TagTool from one place to another? in performing live?
if I am in sweden and the musicians are performing in norway,
how can we connect live for improvisations in the best way?
any tips?



You will need a video streaming setup and a good internet bandwidth.
There are many options - depending on the hardware you have available. Biggest problem will be the latency and being in-sync with the music.

The Tagtool Player can connect via syphon/spout to any other streaming program like OBS, Zoom, etc…

Do you have a certain platform you will use?
Do you want to provide a shared signal of the performance to an audience online/offline.

A lot of possibilities.


Hi Mat!
Thank you for your answer!!
We Will coonect on zoom.
This time I don’t have so much time or possibilitys to experiment. But this is a question that keep coming up, so it is in my mind and hands.

Right now I have only my Mac laptop, and wi-fi so maybe it Will be too unstable, for the live event on distans. (I guess a computer with cabel to the fiber would be so much better) But we Will at least try some connecting live Friday with zoom. I have only tried connected with the screensharing stuff, not tagtool player and syphon/spout. Maybe I need some more time to work with that?.
( I so wish I could join a workshop live with This so I could see and use my hands… cause I am more of a painter, drawer and dancing in colors are my thing, thinking in computers kind of shut my brain down…
(i just love the tagtool​:heavy_heart_exclamation::pray::star2:)

We have This north cultitude art plattform where I have connections in culture and artprojects all the time.

So is it safer to connect with tagtool player on zoom than air/bluetooth screensharing then? I have to update/remind me about the tagtool Player again! Is there something new with it now (its more thann a year sens I looked at it) like some updates?

This time I Will not share it online. We are going to project it only on an object, with livemusicans, but I really like to do that sharing also another time.

I have had som issues with some of my ipads just shutting the tagtool down so I only use my ”old” ipadpro not updated right now for tagtool! should I have one iPad connected to the computer and work on another one, or does it make it unstable to. Do they need to have the same update to work well together?
Cant even imagine what would happen to me if it would shut down to!

I just love all the possibilities! Tagtool changes the world! Its true! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::wink:


“server has a different software version”
is there a way to connect anyway or adjust this, is there another version that could work?

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