Pressure Sensitivity

Having used the old school Tagtool for many years, I am new to the App, and when I use IPad Pro and Apple Pencil one of the most frustrating differences is apparent lack of pressure sensitive function of the pencil. I wonder if this could be included at least as an option, for stylus or fingers… unless it’s already there, hidden somewhere)

Hey @thatsit,

the beta version of the new Tagtool support pressure sensitivity with Apple pencil, have you tried it?

I really like it, feels much more like the old school Tagtool, although most of the time I’m still a finger painter.

Great! Thanks, I’ll go for the Beta then

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Yeah I was delighted to see that this works; pressure changes brush size. It would be great to flush out Apple Pencil options as it really offers a new world of precision to iPad drawing. So a simple feature menu would let you choose what pressure effects (say size or opacity or both). Both is default in Procreate. Obviously advanced gesture controls are already there to a certain degree because of the brush o meter sidebar, but Procreate menu and quick menu system offers some additional features that could be on a long term dev radar.