Problems with layers in beta version

Hi! I´m having problems when I try to select layers in beta version (that´s we used for Ars Electrónica). Someone knows what can be the problem? thank´s!


We had this issue with 2 other deckitems from this session at ARS Electronica. If you send me the deckitem we can try to fix it.


Hi! thanks! Sure, but, how can I send you the deckitem? where is it?

You need to use the files app on your iPad. Go to “Tagtool Beta” -> on your ipad and navigate to decks folder.

Inside you see all the deck names -> just compress the entire folder and send it via wetransfer or smth to my mail.


Hi! thanks! I sended download link with deck folder to :slight_smile:

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thx! let´s see what we can recover. fingerscrossed

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