Problems with "my deck"

hi, i’ m using tagtool pro with ipad2017, ios 10.3.3. and i’m preparing a theatre-peace for children in the theatre in hildesheim ( germany). using a optoma WU615 beamer with a 16:10 screen. i’m saving a lot of pictures in “my deck” for half a year, but 2 days ago, tagtool started to make some trouble. first the programm crashed, i think because of too many layers, but then half of my deck was deleted. and the next day no crash, but once again some saved pictures were also deleted.
why ? what happend ? what can i do ?
greetings from zunka


Sorry to hear that.
How many items did you have in MyDecks? We will try to reproduce the issue.

how many items in “my deck” ? well, i think i had about 25 …it could be, that now, the deck is somehow limited, when ever i save a new item, an old one is going to be deleted.
so, i started a new deck, and reduced the number of items and i also try not to use too many layers anymore…at the moment it works well. tomorrow is the premiere of the theatre-piece. hope it will work well !
the new tagtool is really great for the use in theatre …but a crash is during a show …that’s really bad.

everything worked well during the theatre-show…and i think i really had more than 35 items in mydeck befor, …after the problems i started to save the most impoted items with a screenshot and now it runs like it should do.
i try to upload some pictures from the theatre-piece on this side, soon.
greeting from sunka

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