Professional services with Tagtool ideas?

I enjoy my time with tagtool. I mainly draw for my own kids.
I tried drawing for music performances, tagtool recordings in VJ software (kinda cool!)
Only to realize 1. those bands don’t have the money to pay for the art and hire equipment or 2. I should know my way around the technical side of things and setup - and not really my creative cup of tea.

I’m looking for fresh idea’s to use Tagtool for professional commisions (Maybe recorded animations? Whiteboard movies? of in performances (workshops, story/theater backdrop)? Those ‘pico projections’ on Lego and guerilla projections on monuments are very very nice, but I wonder who actually pays/ get paid for doing this?

How do you use your tagtool skills in your professional services?

I think “how to make money with your art” is a question that doesn’t have an easy answer, independent from Tagtooling.

Some observations: Putting yourself out there is key. Presenting your stuff to lots of people at parties, festival, events of all kinds gives you visibility and contacts.

Take good pictures and video, it’s essential for getting new work. Make a website and use social media.

Choose your game: Commercial jobs for brands can pay well, but you might have less personal artistic freedom. Unless you made a name for yourself already and people want you for what you do anyways.

If you keep an open mind to the way the business world works and if you can adapt your aesthetic to their taste without compromising your own, you can make a decent amount of money with nice work. In this area a lot of work happens over artist agencies. Many of them let you register with them online.

In the cultural sector, it’s worth looking out for calls and funding opportunities. Writing proposals takes a lot of effort and doesn’t give you quick cash. But if you keep it up it can give you a steady stream of very interesting and satisfying paid work in the future.

Be persistent and be prepared to work hard for little pay for some time. Think of your purse but by all means also keep the soul happy. The truth is being an artist, especially in an emerging art form, is not for the faint-hearted. But possible!


I’m considering helping illustrators translate children’s books into cartoons of their books!

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Another service idea came up last week. I was showing a fellow teacher the functionality of the New Tagtool and she said that it’d be great to use some faces for kids that are needing help practicing situational awareness / reading other’s emotions. If decks were created for a particular setting, they could be useful tools in aiding therapeutic roleplay of all sorts!

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Thanks Todd! Roleplay sounds like a great idea. My problem with groups is they don’t all have an Ipad. So basically one is in charge of the IPad/Tagtool while the rest has to do something different. Roleplaying really fits into this idea.