Projector recommendations?


We at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences are looking at doing some outdoor TagTool stuff, and I’m looking for a projector recommendation. I believe the projectors I saw used in North Carolina last year were Epson Pro models of some kind, but I’m not sure. Can the amazing OMAI crew recommend a good projector for outdoor use? Thanks very much!


Hi Eric!

You’re right, we like using Epson 3LCD projectors - they have good colors and they don’t flicker when you record the projection with a camera (which often happens with consumer-grad DLP projectors).

For outdoor use I would recommend a model with at least 5000 lumens, and ideally fullHD resolution. For the OMAi Mapping Stories Sessions in Raleigh we used a bunch of these:

If you don’t mind a slightly less sharp image, you could get a lower-resolution model for less.

Let us know if you need any more help!