Projector suggestions, portable chargeable

I am in sweden and are looking for updating my projectors, so what is the best projectors too buy and usr? I think of buying two, one that is strong and relayable and maybe it can be connected to a transportable battery. but also Ineed a new one to shoot outdoors portable and with rechargeable batteri, what would be the best today? (I looked for an optoma that I heard of but it wasn’t possible in europe right now. )
3LCD I guess and looked for but its a jungle. Any suggestions?


3LCD is a good way to go. Good colors and you can take videos of the projection without flickering (DLP projectors have this problems)

We use 5.500 Lumen Epson projectors for outdoor actions. The more lumen you have, the bigger the battery. Check out the latest lithium ion batteries - (here is a nice list Top 10 Best Portable Lithium Generators in 2022 - Tips and Guides - Generators, Power Station, Tools & Outdoors (


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I use SONY VPL-PHZ10 projectors, and a Jackery battery. The SONYs are around $2000US, and the battery is around $500US. Review: Sony VPL-PHZ10; Jackery Explorer 500W Portable Power Station