Purple tinted layers in Animation mode


When I’m working fast with lots of layers, grouping them and separating them, sometimes a group,of layers will appear to have a purple outline, instead of the yellow outline, and the purple outlined layer will not be viewable in Paint mode or via a projector.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Having a ball learning all about Tagtool, with many happy accidents - can’t wait to share!


“Purple” means your layer is fully transparent and invisible on your external display (and in Paint Mode). But you can still select them in Animation Mode and turn the “Opacity” slider all the way up - so the layer fades in.

Especially when you drop in items from your deck or load images - they will always appear as invisible in your workspace until you select them and manually fade them in.

Hope that helps, looking forward seeing your stuff.


Thank you so much for the fast answer!!
Your support service is really amazing :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve really only just started, working with 3very different choreographers, but will share soon!