Quick Help on Troubleshooting Sessions

Hey Tagtool,

Need some quick help on connecting two players (iPads) to one tagtool session.
I have an iPad Air and iPad Pro. With tagtool installed on both. I am connected to the same wireless network on both. I go to join New Session and No Sessions are detected on either device. I’ve tried different wireless networks to no luck.

How can I troubleshoot the problem?

Thanks for the help!


Hi @projectedvisions

You need to create a new session on one of the iPads (probably best on the Pro).
Menu>Network>New Session

Then, on the other iPad you can “join session”.

Did you try this already?

Hi @maki

Thanks for the response. I did try this. Both with the iPad pro and the older iPad air.

What I did notice is that I could connect two iPad airs no problem. But connecting the pro with air no luck. Any insight as to why this may be?



Hm, haven’t come across this yet. Have definitely connected between Airs and Pros in all directions.

  • You’re definitely in the same Wifi network?
  • Wifi router is close by and signal is strong?
  • There aren’t 2 different versions of the network, such as “mywifi” and “mywifi_5Ghz”?
  • Both iPads are on the same iOS version?
  • Restarted app on both devices?
  • Deleted and reinstalled app (shouldn’t be necessary, but who knows)?

Lemme know if you make any progress or if you find any other info that can help us troubleshoot!

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Thanks @maki

  • Yes definitely on same network on both devices, even tried using apple airport extreme network, full signals.
  • Both iPads are not on the same iOS version. Does this make a huge difference? Somewhat reluctant to update my older iPad air as often times updating causes problems. Apples version of planned obsolesce.
  • I’ll try deleting and reinstalling first to see.

Which iOS versions are your iPads on?

I can understand you hold back on updating on the older iPad. But it’s possible that this is the problem!