Record animation function bug?

When I try to record a movement, the layer/image either freezes, only jiggles back and forth, or somehow records a double movement, 1 the movement I was attempting, and 2 the jiggly movement. I’m using an iPad Pro 4th gen, 12.9", iOS 14.8

Anyone experiencing this, too?

Can you show us a video of the problem - i am not getting it i think.

First guess is that you are max. zoomed in in workspace and try to apply an animation with a closed loopmarker.


I haven’t been able to replicate it, but what you suggest sounds familiar. Often it occurs in the midst of a live animation, so I haven’t been able to write down what’s going on.

On another note - do you have a timeline of when the new app refresh with the solved bug problem is being launched?

Thanks again for the timely responses to all our queries!

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