Recording animation Bug

Hello Tagtool Crew!

Today I experienced a new weird bug that appeared in a second and it worries me a little bit.

This bug doesn’t allow me to record a simple little movement, instead, it only records a very subtle movement loop. I did this short video to explain it clear:

It only works with longer movements, I realized that if the red register circle that appears when you start recording a movement turns to white it will record the correct move, but if the red circle don’t turn to white it will give you the bug.

Some ideas of what is happening?
I restarted the app as well as the iPad three times and it didn’t make it work correctly.
I am using an iPad Pro and is the first time I have a bug on Tagtool.
Any solution?


There is a certain minimum distance you need between 2 loopmarkers. When you start the animation your loopmarker is red until you reach the minimum distance then it turns grey again. If you release the animation it bounces between the two coordinates.

In your first animation you didn´t reach that limit and your loopmarker stayed red. You applied a closed loop between two very close points. So it bounces back and forth.

You can zoom in workspace to apply closed loops between 2 points close to eachother - the marker needs to switch from red to grey.

Hope that helps,

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