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Some time ago I was offered the advice to use an Elgato or Blackmagic external hardware to save my animations to play back later.

Is this what users are doing now, using an external piece of hardware, and what is working best for people? I will be using tag tool with a new iPad Pro 12.9".

Thanks a lot!

Hi Paul. You can do so much easier with a screen mirroing soft.
If you use MAC, you can download VDMX. Just plug in the ipad whith a lighting cable and it will become a video source. THen, you will need to activate a video recording plugin -very easy- and record the ipad screen on the go with top quality.

Note: don’t be scared with the apparent complexity of VDMX. What you ask for is pretty simple. If you don’t succeed, reply me in this thread and I will make some tutorial.

Also, you can use Airserver or Reflector to capture your screen and record wirelessly.

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Thanks Marcos - do I understand correctly that if, for example, I wanted to make an elaborate drawing on my iPad using any drawing app, or Tagtool, I could just use a mirroring software to draw and project what I am drawing through a projector and onto a wall in a theater? As well as record it as a video file that I could then playback, or edit?

Originally I thought of using Tagtool, but with mirroring software I could actually do any kind of drawing? Because the Apple Pencil can do much finer lines and effects than my fingers can do, or that my fingers can’t do as well.

I love the idea of animation with Tagtool, but I also like the idea of simply drawing or painting and projecting that.

I am a theater artist, and am hoping to apply this to design work for live dance and theater productions. I have seen a lot of very high end mapping and effects, but I very much like the simple act of drawing, and that the audience sees imagery come to life without a lot of technological effects.

Our company is called Off-Leash Area, and our website is
Thank you again for the conversation!

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