Saving Decks in Files - Re-importing into Tagtool

I’ve been working with trying to save animations on an iPad Pro in Files, then moving them to iCloud Drive or Dropbox, then bringing them back into Tagtool, and I’m starting to get confused…! Is there anyone out there who has a good grasp of the procedures?

For example, I have a number of folders that were created that were automatically named “Unity”, “Unity 1”, “Unity 2”, etc…and folders called “decks”, and folders called “backup”. Its confusing to know where the animations actually are, and what the other folders are. Within these folders I see “commands” files that have a blank page-like icon, and “screenshot files” that appear to be low-res images of the images/animations saved.

Once I deleted everything, opened Tagtool, and saw that the animations were all gone. Then I restored the deleted files & folders, and they reappeared in my Decks column in Tagtool. Then I tried to upload the folders and files to iCloud Drive, and deleted them from Files. When I re-downloaded them into Files, they still didn’t appear in Tagtool.

By now I’m so confused I’m not sure what to do - ! - but I do see the decks, unity and backup folders, and their corresponding “commands” and “screenshot” files.

If anyone can share their experiences I’d love to learn from you!
Thank you…Paul H

PS - AM FIGURING IT OUT! There is a folder for every animation or image, with three items/files: Data, Preview, and Commands. I would suggest for sure naming your decks and naming these folders…will continue learning, but I’m already moving animations/folders-files back and forth between decks…

PPS: hopefully this will be helpful and not annoying…I tried renaming the folders, including the one called “decks”. When I did I lost my animations again. “decks” also seems to be the principal folder your decks get automatically saved to, like a base folder or something. I was able to move my animation folders around and they’re back in my workspace. I think definitely don’t duplicate any of your folders and files while you’re trying to figure Files out - I have a ton of duplicate files and folders now and can’t figure out which ones are safe to delete!


Just wanted to sum up some basic infos about the new deck functionalities. Basically you found it out all by yourself.

Creating a new deck

Just a quick recap at the beginning. "My Deck" is the default deck within Tagtool, that comes pre-installed and cannot be deleted and/or edited. As soon as you press the "+" in the top right corner of the decks menu you create a new deck folder.

Here in my example i created a folder called “Clowns” that contains 2 saved items.

Using the Files App

Since the new update you are able to access your saved deckitems via the Files App.

After you have opened the it, you need to select “On My iPad” first and browse to the local Tagtool folder.

The Tagtool folder shows 3 items.

  • The “Backup Folder”: It contains all your saved animations before you did the the update.
  • The “Decks” Folder: That is the current folder where all your animations are stored
  • The “Unity” Folder: A system folder, where In-App purchases are saved and crash logs are collected

Decks Folder

This is the folder that stores all your saved Tagtool artwork. Each deck folder you have created is listed here. The deck´s name is always at the beginning - followed by a digital identifier.

Once you have your folders prepared within Tagtool you can start to move it from your iPad.
By holding onto it for a couple of seconds you can copy it to another location eg.: iCloud
Make sure you always copy the complete folder and do not rename or duplicate it at any time.


Fantastic - thank you!

Since the lastest iOS updates the Files App lets you compress and share deck items more easily.

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I would like to know how we can put the elements that are in the Files App back into the Tagtool application? I backed up to the cloud and deleted from the tagtool app. Then I put in the Files App again, under tagtool but the drawings do not appear in the application, why?
Is anybody can help me?

Were you able to solve this?:slight_smile:

@Pascale Did you copy the entire decks folder?

Did you compress it? During workshops it happens a lot that it takes some time until all files are uploaded to the cloud. Especially big deck folders (200MB and bigger). Usually when you compress it first, you can be sure that all files are copied.

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