Sharing Decks between several iPads

Has anyone experience sharing Decks between several iPads? I am running 3 iPads with Tagtool, and would like to access the Decks on each iPad. I have all my Decks on my main iPad, and would like to be able to access them on the other two iPads I’m using. I saved the Files app “on this iPad”, and in iCloud on each tablet, but still do not see the Decks on all 3.

If you have any thoughts, thank you in advance!
(Stay well :slight_smile:


I usually start a session on the iPad number one, and share it with the iPad number two, saving the Deck on the last one. But it’s kind of an empirical way :slight_smile:
Does someone else have a better solution?


Thanks Phab…
How do you share it?


You can share single deck items directly within a multiplayer session by tapping the “Share” Button - when you have a single deck item selected in the deck folder.

Using the Files App is recommended when you want to share entire deck folders (not just single items). We already talked about that in another thread. See link here


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