Screenshot Transparency function

Hi - Can anyone tell me what the Screenshot Transparency function is for?
Thank you!!!


Hi Paul, it takes a screen shot of the projector view of the piece you are working on, with the background you have chosen.
Really good when you are working and you want to remember a moment or a scene.

Hi…yes, but what does the Transparency button mean? I understand what/how to take a screenshot.
Thank you for the reply!

Nov 3, today, is a big day for us. Even for the world. Wish us luck :expressionless:


When “Transparency” is enabled you create PNG files with transparent background. Only content created as layers is visible in the screenshot.

When it is turned off - you create a JPG file and all layers and the background color is visible in the screenshot.


Ah…but when a png file is dropped into Tagtool it automatically becomes a jpg with a background or has a background, is that right? If so, What do people use png screenshots for then?

Thank you!!

PNG used in Tagtool with transparent bg should stay the same when loaded in the workspace.
Sometimes PNG get synched via iCloud - so the PNG has a white BG instead of transparent.

You can “bake” big drawings into 1 PNG

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Wow - I never knew that! I spend so much time blacking out backgrounds of jpgs in Photoshop, then erasing them in Tagtool! After using TT for several years now on multiple shows, there’s still just basic things I don’t know :upside_down_face:

Thank you so much for your time!

PS: just worked it…wow - I got quite good at erasing around images to create my own "PNG"s, but my god this is way easier!!!


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