Syncing opacity on and off between 2 elements

I have the body of an animal and then two separate heads, one turned to the front and one turned to the side. I cannot get it to sync so that one is visible when the other is not. Trying to get exactly the same speed seems impossible. Any advise anybody can give me?

Sorry I’m a real beginner when it comes to animation.



Currently this is difficult to achieve using opacity. You might be able to approximate it by creating the same opacity animation on the two layers and then offsetting the animation. But as you say, it’s hard to get the timing right.

Maybe the better approach would be animating the depth positions of the two drawings, by holding the record button while you move one of the drawings before and behind the other one.

You probably still have to find a creative solution so you don’t see the two layers overlapping, such as painting a background area in each layer so they completely cover each other.

All in all - there’s currently no ideal way of creating images sequences. We’re considering creating this feature in the future.

Thanks for that Maki. Yes, I figured the best solution was to paint a background around the top layer head and do visibility on this. I didn’t want to restrict myself to a background but now I think I will paint something interesting behind the head and make it a ‘feature’.

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I read all the stuff on offsetting and starting to get the hang of it. The way I offset the two heads was to first slow them both down to standstill - easier than getting them to max speed. Then I selected just one and offset it. Finally selected both and sped them up. The actually change in opacity a bit off but not bad. Gif.