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Hello, I had an issue trying to erase some parts of an already drawn layer, I’ve tried the select tool for selecting the layer I wanted, then tried to erase some parts of it, but the eraser tool didn’t work on that layer and when I tried to draw it was on a new layer, not sure if I’m doing something wrong, so, two questions, can you help with this issue, and second, is there the possibility of having a new Tagtool guide/manual/tutorial? The one in beta version was great! Thanks!


You can work on existing layers, when you select a layer and press the “edit” button in Animation Mode. You find it right next to the “Delete” button.

New tutorials will be posted here on the forum - not sure when the next will be available.
@toddfadel is a great tagtool teacher. He might be able to help.


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Aw. Thanks Mat. I’d love to try a new tutorial video!

Or I can do another one-sheet quick guide for the new version.

It’s my very favorite thing to do.

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Heya Ppires,

Have you seen those tutorials?

The quick guide would be a great idea! Like the one on the beta version! I guess it’s a bit more useful specially when you’re studying Tagtool and just want a quick help.

Yes, there is a quick guide (or cheat sheet) for Tagtool, see link below!

@Ppires, did you see the “learn mode” in the menu? This also explains every function in Tagtool.

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Thanks guys, the learning mode is great (and I admit that being initially a pc Tagtool user, forgot it), If I had turned it on perhaps this topic wasn’t necessary… anyway it was nice because of The extra amount of information I got, and the quick answers I had. Still learning, it takes practice but it’s way easier with the support of the developer, for this I once more thank you.

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