Tagtool 1.4.0 - available now!

we have just published an updated version of Tagtool on the App Store!
Tagtool 1.4.0 has the following improvements:

  • Online multiplayer feature (beta) - allows joining Tagtool sessions over the internet
  • Stability improvements, optimisations and bugfixes
  • External display is working for iPads with USB-C connector, including M1 models
  • Pencil input works for M1 models

You can download the matching PC and Mac versions here: OMAi Share
Please be aware that the desktop “server” versions are unsupported and provided as-is. Their main use is to share the Tagtool canvas with other visuals apps using Spout or Syphon. You can join Tagtool running on iPads to the server over Wifi or Ethernet using the multiplayer feature.

Happy Tagtooling!
The OMAi crew


Hello OMAi crew,

Thank you for the update, much appreciated.


Internet multiplayer? That’s wild!

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I have been testing the “Tagtool 1.4.-beta24_MAC” player over a 5Ghz wifi connection with the “local area network” server type. And I found it more jittery compared to the “Tagtool 1.3.0 2” player version.

The response time is more lagged and the swift movements are not translated as good as the 1.3 version. Is there a way to work around this?

And I found a “Tagtool 1.4.-beta25_MAC” player on another thread, but the Appstore version of Tagtool is still the beta24.

Thank you, happy Tagtooling

@Gokhanokur The Wifi connection shouldn’t be more jittery, but we will investigate! Thank you for the feedback. About the Mac version, please use the one from this link: OMAi Share

Hi @maki thank you for your reply.

The link you shared about Tagtool player has the beta25 version,
The AppStore Tagtool version is beta24. (1.4 b11183)
So there is a mismatch and Tagtool cannot connect to the player.

Hey @Gokhanokur
I just checked, for me the App Store version can connect to the PC and Mac versions. They are called Beta25, that’s correct. 1.4 b11183 is the correct version number in the main menu, you should have the same number both in the iPad app and the PC/Mac version. Do you see a different number?

Ok, I checked and everything works. beta25 and 1.4 b11183 is matching. no problem. thank you.

Hi…I’ve been absorbed in some gigs….so, does this mean we can now safely switch from the 1.4b11183 Beta version to the 1.4 version of TT?

@OffLeashArea yes you can safely switch from the beta to the 1.4 verison on the App Store!

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So, in the ?About tab in TT, the version number should be 1.4 b11183, or just 1.4?
Thank you!

@OffLeashArea “1.4 b11183” is correct! It’s the same as the last beta.

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