Tagtool closes while I´m using it

Hi! I have a problem since two days because Tagtool closes while I´m using it. I don´t know if the problem is Ipad actualization, I don´t actualiced yet to the version iPadOS 13.4.1
What do you think? Thanks!


Strange behaviour indeed. Since you are using it lot.

What iPad model do you use?

Can you tell us a little bit more about the event that triggers the crash. Do you load in a certain deck item? Are you connecting an external display before the crash? Do you paint a lot in a single layer? Are you in a single or multiplayer session? Stuff like this helps to understand the problem.

And better stay on your current iOS version until we know a bit more about your issue.


Hello! Thanks for your reply. I solved the problem. I was using many layers with the same image, and this image was very heavy. I replaced this image with the same one with low resolution and then Tagtool worked perfect :slight_smile:

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