Tagtool crashing with projector

Tagtool is crashing every time I try to connect to the projector. It’s not the cable I still watch movies with iPad and projector.

I have exactly the same problems. It’s because of the Apple update. And the problem is not solved.

@Pascale @Pachiclon

With the upcoming iOS 11.3 the external display is working again. Only reconnection is still not fixed - you need to restart the app every time you connect a display. But it´s working again.

Looks like it will be released next week. Or if you cant wait - you can get the public beta from Apple at beta.apple.com


@iink Hi!
Do you think its safe to install the beta version?
Because im actually in a hurry !


If you really need the external display connection of your iPad the beta is the only way. Backup your iPad before installing just to be sure to have a fall back option. The Beta itself runs fine so far - i don´t have any issues.

great! im using it and it ´s working perfectly.

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This was really helpful thank you . I had an event which had to be cancelled due to this problem. I referred to this thread but unfortunately The Apple beata install didn’t work for me on the evening . I’ve now been able to get it connect to my projector so I hope I won’t incur this problem again.

Maybe some of you will find this useful, with my iPad Air running 11.3 I noticed that if I want to connect Tagtool through my wifi to the projector I need to make sure “screen mirroring” is not on and Tagtool is not launched. Then I need to launch Tagtool first then launch the screen mirroring and all works fine. (If I try to screen mirror, then launch Tagtool, Tagtool crashes).

Hello guys, I’m using IPad Pro 12.9 first generation with iOS 11.3 but it’s still not connecting, as soon as I turn the app on with the projector connected it crashes, any ideas? Thanks!


You need to start Tagtool first - and then connect the external display. Only this order works so far.

Hope that helps.