Tagtool for Windows/Android?

I was at the NC Museum of Art last night doing art workshop, and saw Tagtool in action. I’m an animator and cartoonist, I have a long career in projection, including dome-specific and projection mapping. I can see all kinds of uses for Tagtool! I typically use Windows and/or Android platform. Is there a chance that Tagtool will be available for these platforms? I have also a fair amount of beta testing experience (3DS MAX, Photoshop, etc) and would be happy to help with testing a new platform version. Thanks for making this cool software! I was very impressed with the show last night.


Great to hear that you enjoyed the show. We were really lucky with the weather. The Android version is still in development. Beta-Testers are always welcome. We will keep you posted as soon as there is news.


I have Moto g4 phone. Will tagtool be available for this anytime soon?

Hi - I’d love to help beta test the Android version. I have a number of Android devices, and I’m as keen as mustard to help out! :grinning:

I tried your app on ipad in our fablab.
We want to try it with kids in a school.
The problem is that the school only have android tablets.
Is possible to test the android beat version ?



As soon as the iOS version is finished, we will have more time to focus on other platforms again.

We are currently busy with the development of the new update. The public Beta is doing well. However some bugs are still out there that we need to catch in the next couple of month.


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