Tagtool freezes since IOS12.3 with external screen

Hi Folks,
I’m doing regular tagtool performances lately. One day everything worked perfect, the other day tagtool lags! This is the problem in detail: Tagtool runs smoothly on my IpadPro 2019 until I add an external beamer via USB-C (I use a USB-C to HDMI hub) . From the moment I add the beamer Tagtool starts to freeze for a couple of seconds, runs smoothly for a couple of seconds before it freezes again.

I didn’t had this problem before so I checked the dates. In between rehearsal and performance date, my Ipad automatically updated overnight the ios from 12.2 to 12.3!
I guess this is the problem.
I tried downgrading to 12.2 but no luck! Itunes doesn’t support the 12.2 and Google sends me to all kind of dodgy software tools to downgrade…with no luck.
Word of warning: If you haven’t updated to 12.3 yet, DONT do it.

Anyone helping me out here? Solutions to downgrade? Other things to try?
Luckily streaming via Apple TV/ Airserver still works but requires Wifi :confused:

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We have multiple artists report this issue. We are investigating the problem.
Interesting statement about the iOS update. Thx for the heads up!

We will have news soon.


Hi, i updated my iPad Pro to iOS 13 beta. Still having that freeze issue.

I’m on 12.3 and mine crashes every time I am almost finished with a project. Ready to pull my hair out.