Tagtool player and resolume

URGENT: is it possible to send a session that is going from ipad to a macbook with tagtoll player to be used in that same macbook on resolume or any video mapper, what im trying to do is, use the tagtool on ipad freely (without cables so i can move around ) use the macbook with tagtool player to create the session, but then i need that the session be extended to 3 projectors, which is teh setupo they have where i am now that the ipad (even with hdmi splitter ) will send the same image to both or more projectors, so the session must pass through a mapper software like resolume, the big question here is if it is possible to send a tagtool player session that is on the macbook to resolume…cause when i start a session on tagtool player i get a full screen and dont know how to send it to resolume once started.



The upcoming Tagtool Player will have a “Syphon/ Spout” feature so you can pass the videosignal from one application to the other, but i am not sure if you can get access to it early enough for your events.

I remember using the NDI - Scan converter to stream the Tagtool Player (in windowed mode - press Command when clicking the app) into Resolume.

I also had to scale the input size because my MacBookPro was quite old and could not provide the native resolution for a 3 x 1920/1080 panorama. Having Resolume/M8/MadMapper/etc… and Tagtool running at the same time on the same machine takes a lot of resources.

What kind of MacBook are you using and how do you provide the outputs?

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Thank you so much…i completely overlooked the windowed mode…i will try that tomorrow…once again thank you


The “Tagtool Player Beta” does not work with the new Tagtool beta-version. Only the Appstore version can connect to it.

I’ve tried capturing the Ipad pro video signal through the lightning-AV adapter to a Blackmagic Capturer to USB 3.0 and using that signal as an input in a Resolume layer.
In principle it works, you can play the Tagtool performance from the Ipad and control it in resolume, but the quality of the capture that I have achieved, is low for a big projection or a led screen set, because the adapter converts the signal to 1080p and the capture BM reduces it to 720p.
I also tried transmitting the Ipad’s wireless video signal using Airserver and Syphon from Resolume, it works better if you have access to a stable WIFI signal or creating a network from the Macbook, but after a while, the signal is unstable and there is a delay in the transmission.

I’m still testing possibilities.

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Hi, yes i had some issues with wireless connecting during my shows in Bulgaria these weeks. I usually go with wireless connection becasue the clubs that hire me, already have the setup with laptop connected to projector and i have been having a lot issues with connecting directly to projectors. Like the op wrote, by the middle\end of the show the projection starts to have a delay or really low framerate… dunno if its because by then we are obviously sending much more information than when we start drawing, and if so, is there any tips to solve this…also i got a weird bug that everytime i duplicated an object, it would break connection with the laptop, forcing me to restart the session in the laptop in order to reconnect the ipad to it. This happened like 5 times untill i realize that was the duplicating that was making this, and had to adapt without that feature.

I’m also waiting for the syphon/spout implementation, considering unity allready have that functionality (at least with spout for what I’ve tried myself on a pc). At the moment I’m using vvvv to capture the screen of tagtool beta player in windowed mode, from vvvv I can send it via spout to anywere else if needed. If I want to launch tagtool in windowed mode only, the second screen or projector must be connected after opening tagtool beta player, becouse by default it opens fullscreen when there’s a second screen active (maybe a feature that could be an option in the future). Ok, on a mac I guess you can achieve a similar setup with syphoner, that for what I know it can capture any active window running on your system, so from there you may be able to capture it with resolume or any other syphon friendly software.


this never happened i take it?

Has anyone got an update about Tagtool - Syphon - MadMapper?
I would love to know what you are doing now to accomplish using TT within MadMapper! Thank you!

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