Tagtool Player / Fullscreen workaround

Hi there,

i have 2x iPadPro (2018) running TTPro on both. What is the easiest way to get the session in fullscreen for a projector? Do I need an additional iPad? MacMini?

spare hardware:
1x ms surface
1x iPad4

Could you re-post the link to the tagtool player (beta) ?

Thank you!


1 iPad creates the session and is connected to a projector - the other joins. Choose the right canvas size according to projector (if not on Automatic) - all ipads in the same Wifi / network.

Player Link - OMAi Share

Thank you!
On the iPadsPro extending the screen the is not available - only screen mirroring.
Is there a setting I missed?

Thats why i guess i need an additional “player->projector” - unit like a iPad / macMini / PC

On my ipad4 the old version of tagtool & screen extension did work. hm.

Hi Miki,
On the iPad, screen mirroring is the setting you want. When you connect the projector and launch Tagtool, some magic happens and only the Tagtool canvas is sent to the projector, not the iPad screen as you see it (with the color picker, etc.). It’s easier than you think it is, just plug in the projector to your iPad and go.