Tagtool + Roland V1-hd issue

Hi. After connecting Tagtool via HDMI (tagtool 1.1.0, ipad 12,9, 1 gen., OS 13.1.2, apple lightning-hdmi dongle, pro cable) to Roland V1-hd video switcher the frame on V1-hd is not fullfilled with Tagtool, but there is black frame presented around the picture from Tagtool

Same problem (different app) is described in this video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZyNBoHhYgo&t=1338s —> at '12:20

Solution provided in video above (minimize Tagtool app and then back it on again) works well on tagtool 1.0.1 on ipad air 2, but on the tagtool 1.1.0 on ipad 12,9 - no chance!

I tried everything (reconnecting, change V1-hd settings from 1080p to 720p and 1080i, start tagtool after and before connecting, starting on demo mode). I appreciate your help!

Ps. same problem is with native ipad pictures app - but once i go back from full screen to list of pictures and then go fullscreen again - all is fine - screen is fullfilled. Regred that minimizing tagtool and bringing it back doesn’t work on 12’9 ipad (it was working before upgrade of iOS and Tagtool).


Sorry for the late reply - i can totally confirm your issues.

Unfortunately the iOS and Mac Catalina Update did a lot of damage.
The external display is our top priority right now - we do our best to fix it as soon as possible.
Hotfixes only work for about 5min - and are not stable.

@morxner did some tests and was not happy at all.

We have to dig deep here.

Thx. Any deadline on your horizon to solve this issue? It’s really hard to work in pro environment when fullscreen is really almost fullscreen :wink:

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